One thing I am constantly in awe of, is the way family and friends come together to celebrate a newly married couple.  It is beautiful the way they all come together under one roof for you.  And that group of people will never all be together like that again.  That is my why.  That is why I do what I do.  Because it goes by so fast.  And you will want to remember all of it.

I like to be a fly on the wall on your day.  I want to capture your story as it happens with all the emotion.  From your best friend helping you into your wedding dress, to your brother helping with your bowtie.  Every detail matters and will be pieces of what you remember for years to come.  

Your story and your wedding are unique.  Your photographs should be a reflection of that day, as it happened.

unfiltered authenticity

pure and raw emotion


Take time on your wedding day to spend some time with your person.  You deserve time to soak in the whole experience and all the feelings. 

long kisses

i believe in lingering glances and


Each couple has little pieces that make them unique.  My job is to find those pieces and help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera.  I want any of the sessions you book with me to feel like a date or a fun thing you get to do instead of something you have to do.

I believe in the


Whether it is your wedding day, your engagement session, or a family get together, you should be able to enjoy yourself and your people.  Let me capture the things going on around you so you can relive those precious moments over and over again.

You should get to be 

I love to photograph people as they are most comfortable.  I will give guides and tips to posing and looking your best but within your comfort zone.  I don't want you to look like everyone else in a photo, I want you to look like yourself.

Feel comfortable in front of the 

I want you to remember exactly the way you felt in that moment when you look at a photograph.  I want you to remember the smell of his cologne or the brush of her hair.  I want you to remember why you fell in love with them. 

tangible memories
I believe we can build


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Jessica + Mike

I cannot say enough incredible things about Vanessa and Vanessa Ray Photography. Not only was she so personally amazing, her talent blew us away. When she shot our engagement photos, she was so personable, fun, flexible, and extremely talented. She has an artistic eye and even went the day before to scout great places in the locations we decided to shoot at. At our wedding she captured our day exactly how we wanted her to. She is so phenomenal at candids and we got to go back and relive the enjoyment of all of our friends and family on our beautiful day. She completely captured the essence of our day and we're so grateful. 

"She was able to capture our love for each other with such finesse."
Kristin + Jeremy

My husband and I are pretty camera shy and find being in pictures (especially of the romantic variety) to be awkward and uncomfortable. With Vanessa, we felt more than comfortable as she was able to give us little anecdotes to keep our focus on each other and away from the fact that someone was taking pictures of us! She also knew exactly the way to tell us to interact so that it all looked completely natural and not forced or fake! It was hard for us to believe, but in the end we got so many amazing photos that I know we will cherish forever. Leading up to the wedding, Vanessa was incredibly easy-going to work with and coordinate with. 

"Hiring Vanessa for our wedding in the bahamas was probably the best wedding planning decision we made!"

I try to edit the way I photograph - true to life.  I want your images to look like you and to be timeless.  I don't edit in trendy ways because I want you to be able to love your images even 50 years from now.

+ what is your editing style?

I would say fine art photojournalism.  I want your photos to look classic but I also want to capture all those precious moments.  I love to be a fly on the wall for you (except for family formals on wedding days!).  I want to blend in and let you be yourself.

+ What is your photography style?

No!  Although weddings are my primary focus, I do family, maternity, newborn, boudoir (etc) shoots as well.  If you are interested in having this time in your life documented, please reach out to me for more information!

+ Do you just photograph weddings?

Hopefully a lot of fun and very relaxing!  I don't want you to feel stressed about getting in front of the camera.  I want it to feel like a date with your loved one or an outing with your family.  I will give you suggestions on posing but also want that to be a fluid thing where you can move and adjust as you are comfortable.  

+ What does a session feel like?

I took photography classes in Norman, OK in 2010 and then photographed anyone who would let me.  I did my first wedding that fall and started VRP in January of 2011.  Since then, I have been photographing weddings primarily, but also couples, families, babies, etc.  I also have been a second photographer to other photographers since 2012.

+ How long have you been a photographer?

There is a moment with people, when they let their guard down in front of the camera, and relax just a bit, and that is what I love.  I love seeing people relax into themselves and show me how they love, or how they smile.  It's amazing to see someone go from feeling awkward to feeling at home in their loved ones' arms.

+ What's your favorite part of being a photographer?
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